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SoCal's Premiere Floral Studio.

Enchanted Florist

Enchanted Florist, based in Orange County, is recognized as one of Southern California’s premiere floral studios specializing in the creation of unique and personalized weddings and special events; ranging from intimate celebrations to lavish enchanted evenings. Our innovative floral designs are inspired from the imaginations and personal style of our clients.

Nisie Vorachard, a former fashion designer for 10 years, established Nisie’s Enchanted Inc. in 1996 after leaving the fashion industry to begin her second passion in floral design.

She is known to go above and beyond the client’s needs and expectations to design and create the most unforgettable events. Nisie’s Enchanted Florist has a design studio in the City of Los Alamitos.

Whether the overall appeal of an event may be modern chic, vintage romance, classic, edgy, rustic or an eclectic mix of organic elements, we consider every approach in transforming each event with meticulous details to design and produce the wedding of any bride’s dream.